Early College Program

Early College Program


The Pottstown Early College program is designed to provide high-achieving, low income students the opportunity to finish their first year of college at Montgomery County Community College during their junior and senior years at Pottstown High School (inclusive of the summer between the junior and senior year), with the Foundation for Pottstown Education paying for all coursework ($474 per course) if the students retain the grade of B or above in all coursework at Montgomery County Community College. (Total cost of 30 credits $4,740)

The following is a list of criterion used by the Foundation for Pottstown Education to identify worthy students for this program:

  1. Grades – the student must have a 90% GPA or above in all courses to be eligible.
  2. The student must show financial need through a review of the previous year’s tax return form from his/her family. 
  3. The student chosen must be serious about their education and show the proper level of maturity for social interaction at the college level.

Eligible students must apply to the program.  The Foundation will consider the following information:

  • All personal information (address, phone number, parent/guardian names and address, siblings, etc.)
  • A transcript of all classes taken and grades from Grade 9 to the present.
  • The activities in which the student has participated throughout their high school career
  • The class rank of the student.
  • Level of difficulty and rigor of the classes each student is enrolled in at the present, as well as those in the past from the freshman year onward. Honors or Advanced Placement classes or a combination of both are an indication that the student is interested in more rigorous work.
  • A one page essay based on the student’s interest in the program and why he/she would be a good candidate for the Early College Program.
  • The previous year’s tax return form from his/her family.

This information is provided to the Foundation and reviewed by a Foundation committee.  The students chosen are notified by a letter from the Foundation.

What Our Students Say

"I was cautious at first to take on this challenge.  How am I going to handle high school and college, how will I still participate in school activities and clubs, can I handle the work load, what if I can't do it?  I learned that if you really want something, you will give your all to work things out.  Yes, sometimes it is hard to take classes at both places, it's a lot of going back and forth, and the time frames are different, and yes, the work may be challenging, but you need communication. Communication is key to this whole experience.  Talking with your guidance counselor and your advisor to see which classes you should take on what days and times is very important.  Everything will work out if you communicate. Being in the Early College Program has impacted my life forever, not only have I had a great experience, but I also now have a better understanding for my future. With half of my associates degree completed, I know that when I graduate high school I want to finish my associates at Montgomery County Community College, then transfer my credits somewhere else to further my education .  I think being exposed to college courses as early as possible is beneficial.  Transitioning from high school to university is hard especially when you aren't used to college life and if you aren't sure of your major. Therefore I recommend everyone to attend Montgomery County Community College after high school.  It is a nice middle time frame where you can branch out and figure out your major, and start finding what you want to do with your life.  I'm sure glad I was given the opportunity to be a dual enrollment student, as I'm sure everyone else in the program appreciates it too.”

Kaylyn Richards
Class of 2015